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Light and ventilation ridge

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Curtain systems

Pull-up curtain with stainless steel pull wire drive, draws from bottom to top.

  • 100% safe / CE approved
  • For openings up to 3 meters
  • 1 year warranty

Light and ventilation ridge

The skylight that protects 100% against rainwater or snow and brings a lot of daylight.

  • No rain / snow impact
  • Aesthetically very sound


The door is rolled upwards by a strong tubular motor.

  • Ventilating
  • Up to height & amp; width 500cm
  • 1 year full warranty


Large ceiling fans provide fresh breeze in the barn.

  • No heat stress
  • Little or no production decline
  • Feed intake is maintained

Screens / Windbreak mesh

For all kinds of applications, everything tailor-made!

  • Tailored
  • Wind permeable
  • KIWI approval

Recently Completed Projects

Koepon Farm Bruel (D)

Cow farms Koepon in Bruel (D) built a 175 m long new barn. This barn accommodates over 600 Jersey dairy cows.

The Jerseys are milked by 8 Lely milking robots.

Airkoe installed 175 meters of open ventilation ridge of 4 meters wide with a drainage gutter underneath.

In the side walls 4 Safesystem of 4.40 meters opening. It resulted in a nice thing that is light and airy in the stable

All in all a nice project to work on.

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Spanscreen riding hall Bijemaheerd

In the new riding hall of the Bijma family in Lutjegast, we installed an Airkoe Spanscreen in the side walls.

We create a closed sheltered riding arena where a fresh climate is guaranteed at all times from strong windbreak mesh with a passage of approx. 10%.

While there is no problem with rain or wind, the hall still offers a wide view and light to the outside.

Together with the skylight mounted by Airkoe, this results in a light, fresh and sheltered riding hall. Ideal for training young horses.

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Feenstra young cattle barn

Good ventilation for young stock is very important. Today’s young stock is the dairy cattle of the future.

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