Koepon Farm Bruel (D)

Cow farms Koepon in Bruel (D) built a 175 m long new barn. This barn accommodates over 600 Jersey dairy cows.

The Jerseys are milked by 8 Lely milking robots.

Airkoe installed 175 meters of open ventilation ridge of 4 meters wide with a drainage gutter underneath.

In the side walls 4 Safesystem of 4.40 meters opening. It resulted in a nice thing that is light and airy in the stable

All in all a nice project to work on.

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Spanscreen riding hall Bijemaheerd

In the new riding hall of the Bijma family in Lutjegast, we installed an Airkoe Spanscreen in the side walls.

We create a closed sheltered riding arena where a fresh climate is guaranteed at all times from strong windbreak mesh with a passage of approx. 10%.

While there is no problem with rain or wind, the hall still offers a wide view and light to the outside.

Together with the skylight mounted by Airkoe, this results in a light, fresh and sheltered riding hall. Ideal for training young horses.

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Feenstra young cattle barn

Good ventilation for young stock is very important. Today’s young stock is the dairy cattle of the future.

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S’Jonger te Kontich (BE)

Commissioned by B&G Agribuild we have done the the ventilation at familiy S’Jonger at Kontich (BE).

Airkoe mounted black windbreaknetting with 70% reduction in the end walls of the new stable. The netting is mounted on the facade with aluminium profiles.

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Jorna Easterwierrum (NL)

Commissioned by Comfort Koe we have delivered and assembled a SafeSystem Plus by Jorna!

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Bouma Nijega (NL)

Commissioned by kenders bouw we have assembled polycarbonate sliding valves at a beautiful stable for goats.

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Ph Deru Graffigny (France)

Our second project in France! Our dealer Ph Deru from Graffigny Chemin is the contact person in France. Ph Deru has a dairy farm with 300 cows, we have deliver and assemble here a SafeSystem Plus!

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Overbeek Zeewolde (NL)

Family Overbeek has a beautiful new stable! We have deliver and assemble here 4 SafeSystems.

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Dairy Campus Leeuwarden (NL)

The project Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden, we made the stables windproof for the summer holidays.

Meanwhile, the last covers at either end of the SafeSystem are mounted and the project for Airkoe is finished!

Airkoe delivers at the Dairy Campus the entire ventilation, the curtains and the barn ridges!

For more photos and videos:

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Vijverberg Etain (France)

Henk Vijverberg, a Dutch farmer in France (he’s already 25 years farmer in France!), is building a new stable in Etain, in the north of France.

We have the barn ridges and the SafeSystem delivered and mounted!

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Uithof Waskermeer (NL)

Commissioned by company Delaval from Steenwijk we have done the ventilation at Uithof’s farm in Waskermeer.

We delivered and assembled three sectional doors, a SafeSystem and three roller curtains!

This barn characterized by the open character, whereby a fresh stable climate is assured.

The Visio climatecontroller ensures a perfect climate.

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Michiels Bertem (BE)

Commissioned by company B&G from Genk (Belgium) we have done the ventilation at Michiels’s farm in Bertem (BE).

We delivered and assembled here two SafeSystems!

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Nussbaum Oberger.(Switzerland)

Our first project in Switzerland! Our dealer Guido Hegg of AgroCover GmbH is the contact person in Switzerland.

We were assembling here several roller curtains.

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Tillaart Kathendorf (DE)

Commisioned by company Lindenbau from Mill we provide the ventilation at family Tillaart in Kathendorf in Germany.

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Guns Kasterlee (BE)

Family Guns from Kasterlee has built a beautiful stable! Airkoe delivered a SafeSystem, roller curtain with tube motor and a sectional doors.

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Schukken Kubaard (NL)

Commisioned by company Comfort Koe we mounted on both sides of the stable a SafeSystem.

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Lenaerts Glabbeek (BE)

Geert Lenaerts Glabeek has built a new barn. Airkoe supplied and assembled here a SafeSystem with green canvas and a sectional door.

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Mulder Staphorst (NL)

Commissioned by company Landbouwsluis from Genemuiden we have done the ventilation at Mulder’s farm in Staphorst.

We delivered and assembled here a SafeSystem. We also have mounted a sectional door and a roller curtain with tube motor.

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Hendrix Peer (BE)

At the family Hendrix from Peer we have delivered and mounted a saddle roof ridge and a SafeSystem.

We did this commissioned by B&G from Genk.

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Van Wijk Zuurdijk (NL)

Commisioned by company Agrostalinrichting from Bedum we provide the ventilation at family van Wijk. We deliver and assemble the ventilation of the new calf stable, and replace the systems on existing buildings.

Everyting will be done with SafeSystem Plus curtains.

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Krips Terzool (NL)

We delivered a saddle roof with side ventilation to Mts. Krips. the mounting was done by the farmer himself.

By creating 5 cm ventilation between lightslab and roofpanel, you avoid the ingress of rain.

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Haverkamp Oldemarkt (NL)

SafeSystem is mounted! Soon we will mount the roller curtain at the connection of the stables.

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Kraaienbrink Heerde (NL)

This stable is now 1,5 ears in use! Mts Kraaienbrink is very satisfied with the SafeSystem Plus and the curved ridge. Kraaienbrink choose on the advice of Airkoe BV for a curved ridge, with lockable valve in the ventilation opening at the milking parlor.

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De Boer Warder (NL)

Fam. de Boer built the new stable in three phases. We are currently mounting the third phase. On the picture Doeke van der Weide, one of our main mechanics!

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Family Ebbens, Agrarian (NL)

In a storage building for bulbs we created a between sail. In this way Ebbens can temporarily shrink the space.

This saves a lot of costs!

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Deelstra Farm (NL)

New SafeSystem Plus on the roadside with the Airkoe logo on it.

On the other side of the stable a SafeSystem without a camouflage strip.

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Brandsma Wolsum (NL)

xpansion of the existing farm. On both sides a SafeSystem.

Also mounted a rollerdoor  of 14 meters x 4 meters. due to wind pressure sufficient support within a requirement. These are removable and can be removed in summer.

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Jordans Wriezen (DE)

Jordans is a Dutchman wo has moved to Germany, to the village Wriezen. Wriezen located between Berlin and the Polish border.

Jordans has expanded the existing stable, and built a new milking stable. We installed  4 SafeSystems and a roller curtain.

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Puinbreekhal Wanrooij (NL)

For our client Lindenbau we have mounted a saddle roof.The saddle roof is mounted on a steel frame work.

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Hesping Sameren (DE)

Work at height !

The fam . Hesping in Samern in the new barn mounted 2 times a SafeSystem and a roller system on top with an opening of no less than 4.50 meters !! Altogether a working height of 12 meters.

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New Shed Wybenga (NL)

Beautiful modern stable with Airkoe Safe System on the side of the stable!

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Fokkema Menaldum (NL)

New roof on the existing stable with a curved lightridge. Also a SafeSystem for a better ventilation

Also mounted a roller door of 10 meters x 4 meters. due to wind pressure sufficient support within a requirement. These are removable and can be removed in summer.

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Scherpenzeel Techentin (DE)

Germany Techentin we installed  4 SafeSystems of 95 meters each.

the stable had a slope of 2%

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Roller Curtain Sytsma (NL)

At the family Sytsma from Wetsens (Holland) we have mounted a roller curtain at the front of the stable!

We have also assembled two SafeSystems at both sides of the stable.

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Verreydt Noorderwijk (BE)

For our client B&G from Genk (Belgium) we have assembled two SafeSystems and four rollerdoors.

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Horse sport center (BE)

For our client, B & G Genk, we installed 4 curved lightridges on the stables of horse sports center in Sint Truiden (Belgium)

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Milisen Vechmaal (BE)

Another project in Belgium! Fam. Milisen has built a new stable for their beef cattle. We have assembled a SafeSystem on the existing and the new stable.

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Tormans Kasterlee (BE)

For the Belguim  family Tormans we have assembled 2 SafeSystems, both 85 meter long

We also have assembled four rollerdoors and a curved lighridge. A nice complete project at Kasterlee Belgium.

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Blythbridge Holsteins (Scotland)

Thanks to our partner Intershape we have optimized the ventilation of the stable at Blythbridge Holsteins in Peeblesshire Scotland. In collaboration with the mechanics of Intershape here we placed 90 meters SafeSystem and 80 meters roller curtain.

Meanwhile, there are also several ventilation ridges delivered in England!

For sales in the UK contact Intershape.


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PTC+ Dronten (NL)

Commissioned by Bouwgroep Friso from Sneek we have performed a special project.

In the freestall barn, where robotic is milked, we have assembled windbreaknetting.

Below that a rollercurtain of 2.70 meters on the side of the cows, here is a feed wall made.

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New stable Weesp (NL)

Beautiful modern stable in Weesp with Airkoe Safe System Plus! The Kroon family has a brand new home. We installed a safesystem plus and also the lightridges

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Ice Skating Rotterdam (NL)

Here Airkoe installed the movable side walls for the 800 m2 funtrack .

A permanent hall where during the winter icehockey is played. This hall is used in other periods for indoor fieldhockey. A special canvas with a palette of colors.

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Project Bullingen (BE)

There is a great project in Belgium realized. Here we delivered 200 meter Safe System with Vision climate control. A curved ventilated ridge ensures the discharge of inside air and the daylight.

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Sawtooth stable on Texel (NL)

Sawtooth stable on Texel. Here we have fitted curtains and clamped windbreak netting.

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Skeeler Hall Heerenveen

For Sportstad Heerenveen we placed 3 windbreaker screens at the skeeler track.

During rain the curve of the track was wet, and it could not be used for roller skating. As a test, 3 screens are mounted to counteract the rain.

A few weeks and many rain showers later, it turns out that the screens work! Soon the other 25 screens will be mounted!

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Fokker Zalk (NL)

Bouwbedrijf Top vroeg om 2 solide windbreekgaas deuren te plaatsen bij melkgeitenbedrijf Fokker in Zalk ter plaatsen van de voerkeuken.

De opening was 30 meter breed 5 meter hoog. Hier hebben 2 XXL poorten gemonteerd van elk 15 meter breed. Er is gekozen voor 85% dicht windbreekgaas.

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